mIRC 7.46 Serial Key (FREE)

mIRC 7.46 Serial Key - The new version of the famous program, which is a IRC-client for the Windows operating system. Development was created back in 1995 by man in the name of Khaled Mardi Bay, download mIRC from our site, please note that in the archive, you will get a list of the names and serial numbers, you need to choose a favorite and register first on the list, you can skip it has long been banned.

What's New:
  • Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.2h and PCRE 8.39 libraries.
  • Fixed /timer -h high resolution timer bug.
  • Extended $calc() to return more digits in floating point calculations.
  • Fixed Clear History bug that incorrectly cleared channels list settings.
  • Changed the way files are updated to decrease the potential for file loss.
  • Extended URL hotlink/extract feature to handle IPv6 addresses.
  • Fixed $base() bug with floating point precision.
  • Fixed script error not showing line number for single-line event definitions.
  • Added resize grip to bottom right of resizable dialogs.
  • Fixed regex bug when \K is used in some regex patterns.
  • Fixed /drawline -p when used with text that contains tab characters.

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